The farm “Fratelli Groppi” stands on a hill behind Vicomarino, a little town along the road from Borgonovo to Albareto. At the beginning of 1900 Emilio Dallafiore bought a plot of land to cultivate and to grow precious table grapes. His son Fernando turned the vine into must grapes and started producing wine. His daughter Lucia inherited a plot of this estate and together with the lands of her husband created the farm “Groppi”. From year to year the original 5 hectares became 21, new vine were planted and wine was produced and sold in demijohns. Grape harvest is done by hand and produces typical local red wines as: Barbera, Bonarda, sprightly and still Gutturnio and white wines as Ortrugo and dry or sweet Malvasia. Special mentioned to Merlot. Wines are distributed both in demijohns and in bottles.